How Can You Better Protect Your Car from Superficial Damage? Try DIY Paint Protection Film Kits from Paintgard

Every day, our cars face a variety of risks on the road. More often than not, these risks come from other drivers. These include the risk of collisions or accidents owing to conditions on the road, distraction, or me.

Three Advantages to Applying a Clear Protective Film for Cars to Your Vehicle Today

Our cars are some of the biggest investments we'll make in life, often second only to the cost of purchasing a house or starting a business. There's a good reason for that level of investment: we trust them to get us me.

Using a Car Scratch Protector: How Protection Film Keeps Your Car's Front Paint from Deteriorating

Few things are as frustrating for the car owner than exiting a business, crossing the car park, and discovering a fresh scratch in the paint thanks to an inconsiderate motorist. You might feel the same frustration me.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Condition with PPF Film Roll for Cars

Purchasing and running a vehicle can be an expensive endeavour, and then you need to think about the repair and maintenance costs. Sooner or later, the elements, stones or a minor scrape may damage your me.

Get Your High-Quality Rear Car Bumper Protector and Bonnet Protection Film from Us

A car is a precious investment; you will want to do your best to ensure that it looks as good as it runs. At Paintgard Protection Film, we provide quality car bumper protection film so that you can protect your car me.

Auto Paint Protection Products Now Available in Kit Form

For the past decade, the auto industry has acquired auto protection products from Paint Guard Auto Protection, an Australian family business. As quality is paramount to the successful protection of paint, we me.

Protect Your Car with Door Cup Protector and Rear Bumper Paint Protection Film

Keep your new car looking new for longer with bumper paint protection film that you can apply yourself. Our 3M® products are designed to protect from rocks kicked up by the car in front of you to bird droppings me.

Understanding Car Paint Protection Film & How Paintwork Affects your Automobile

Protecting your car from the elements is no longer an issue with our top of the line selection of car paint protection film. me.

Conserve your Car Door Cups with Protector Strips made in Australia

Have you ever reached for your car door handle only to notice that there is a massive scratch along the door cup, which is another name for the small cubby underneath the handle? When we are in a rush and have me.

Introducing Our Auto Paint Protection DIY Kit in Australia: The Ultimate Magnetic Car Door Scratch Protector

Whether you adore driving or own a vehicle out of necessity, you undoubtedly want to keep it in top condition so that it retains as much of its resale value as possible. Unfortunately, minor bumps and scrapes me.

The Advantages of Our Car Door Edge Protector Strips

If you’re looking for a way to keep your vehicle’s paintwork intact for as long as possible, you should find out about our car door protector strips. These products prevent your doors from sustaining damage by adding a me.

Apply a Clear Car Door Sill Edge Protector Film for Added Paint Protection

A car door protector safeguards the paint to maintain your car’s value. Paintgard offers 3M® products that allow you to apply protection to one of your car’s most abused areas. Protecting your door sill with me.

Protect the Door Cups on Your Car with Clear, DIY Door Cup Protector Kits from Paintgard Protection Film

What part of your car is most likely to end up getting scratched? For many drivers, the answer is the door cup. Think about it: when you go to grab the handle of your car door to pull the door open, you often have me.

Get the Best Car Paint Protection in Melbourne using Clear Car Paint Protective Film and Door Cup Protector

Your car is a sizeable investment, and every investment is worth protecting. One way to ensure that you keep your vehicle in the best possible shape is by shielding it from the harsh Melbourne elements by me.

Paintgard Makes it Easier Than Ever for Brisbane Car Owners to Achieve Total Auto Paint Protection Using the Door Cup Protector, DIY Paint Protection Kit and Car Paint Protection Film

Along with owning a vehicle comes responsibility. One of those responsibilities is to keep your car in excellent condition for as long as possible, and one way to make it happen is by defending it from harsh me.

Why You Should Invest in Auto Paint Protection with Door Cup Protector and DIY Paint Protection Kits in Sydney

Paintgard Protection Film has been supplying auto protection products to the auto industry for over ten years. We focus on 3M auto protection products, which you can install yourself. Auto paint protection me.

Paintgard Protection Film Provides Door Cup and Car Paint Protection Film in Adelaide

Paintgard Protection Film’s excellent auto paint protection products are designed to prevent damage to the finish on your new car. Car paint protection film in Adelaide helps keep your vehicle looking new, which can me.


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