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Protect your vehicle from paint chips, scratches & general wear & tear. Virtually Invisible!

Your vehicle is constantly exposed to damaging elements, check out the best way to protect it with Paintgard's 3M Protection Film. Self Healing technology helps keep your film looking newer for longer.

Its virtually invisible and super durable against daily wear & tear


What can our paint protection film help with?

  • Protection from bugs, stone chips, scratches and general wear & tear

    The 3M protective  film helps with creating a barrier between your cars paintwork and outside impediments.

  • Keeps your car looking new

    Protective film for your car keeps your car looking new and keeps your paint shining like when you first bought it.

  • Helps to boost your trade-in value

    Because the film helps to keep your paint looking fresh and like new it also boosts the money you get back when trading in.

  • Mustang Protection

We sell PPF DIY kits

We have a range of wear & tear kits that are universal & we can custom cut protective kits for your vehicle so you can install them yourself. We also provide installation videos to guide you through it.


Frequently Asked Questions

How hard it is to apply paint protection film?

Applying paint protection film is reasonably easy depending on what kit you are applying. Door Cups & edges are pretty straight forward, front Bumpers can be pretty tough if you have not applied before. 

What does paint protection film help protect against?

Paint protection film helps to protect against scratches, bugs, paint chips, abbrasions, scuffs & General wear & tear. Our 3M Film paint protection film is also self healing and can repair itself in the event of damage.

What vehicles can you protect with protective film?

Most vehicle makes and models can be protected with paint protection film. Door Cups, Edges, Tailgate & Sills are universal, bonnets, front bumpers need to be cut per make & model.

3M Door Cup Protection Kit

This kit is designed to protect your door cups from scratches caused by fingernails & jewelry; this is a universal kit which will suit most cars with a pull out door handle.

This kit comes with written fitting instructions as well as a link to a step by step video instruction guide. Only $17.90

Easy to install.

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