DIY Car Paint Protection Film Kits

How Can You Better Protect Your Car from Superficial Damage? Try DIY Paint Protection Film Kits from Paintgard

Every day, our cars face a variety of risks on the road. More often than not, these risks come from other drivers. These include the risk of collisions or accidents owing to conditions on the road, distraction, or some other factor. Navigating around these risks is often as simple as driving defensively and maintaining good situational awareness. However, there are other threats to your investment that can be more difficult to see — at least until after the fact. We're talking about the damage that can accumulate on the car's exterior and paintwork over time, owing to road grit, rocks, insects, and more threats which can also impact the quality and appearance of its exterior.

So what — isn't that simply something every car owner must contend with as a simple fact of life? On the contrary, you don't have to settle for any damage at all. When you've put so much funding into owning your vehicle, doesn't it also make sense to take steps to protect it from harm? With Paintgard Protection Film, you can equip your vehicle with a first line of defence against many environmental hazards. Not only will it keep your paint looking fantastic, but it will help preserve your investment for the long term, too. Take this opportunity to learn more about how Paintgard works.

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Easy to Use Car Paint Protection Film Kits for Any Make and Model

Think of a Paintgard kit as a “second skin” for your vehicle, a thin but highly durable layer of protection that prevents road grit and other threats to your paint from having any effect. Built on 3M’s leading Scotchgard® technology, Paintgard films are “self-healing,” meaning the material naturally recovers and encloses any damage it incurs. While the film may eventually require replacement, most installations last for an extended period and provide robust protection no matter how much driving you undertake. Paintgard also provides kits for protecting your motorcycle, too.

How do you apply a DIY paint protection kit? Some of our products feature a universal design and work for any vehicle, while for large-scale undertakings we can cut a kit to your specifications. A clean surface is best for making a start, after which you simply peel away the protective backing and apply the film carefully, ensuring complete coverage and no air bubbles. That’s it — you’re ready to return to driving with the added peace of mind Paintgard affords.

Find Out How You Can Keep Your Car Looking Its Best Longer

When you’re ready to part ways with your car, remove the old film and enjoy the fact that your vehicle still looks close to like-new quality. Enjoy receiving a better value for your trade-in, and in the meantime, drive with confidence knowing that you are protected against many of the hidden threats to your automotive paint’s quality. To order DIY paint protection film kits that match your vehicle’s contours, please contact us for assistance today.

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