Auto Paint Protection Products Now Available in Kit Form

For the past decade, the auto industry has acquired auto protection products from Paint Guard Auto Protection, an Australian family business. As quality is paramount to the successful protection of paint, we have elected to use 3M® self-healing products in our kits, and are now proudly, one of 3M®’s largest resellers in the PPF industry.

Used in various applications, paint protection film provides motorists with an invisible or clear car bra, clear wrap and clear vinyl, which is all used to protect the paint layer of the vehicle.

Our team assists with advice on purchasing the correct products, and with our nationwide shipping, these products are easily accessible. We are proficient in this field, as we have applied auto paint protection to an average of 300 vehicles per month.

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The Application of Auto Paint Protection Products

Previously, only professionals could apply auto paint protection products. However, our custom kits allow simple DIY applications. Kits are custom cut to suit your make and model, besides kits for cars and motorcycles, auto paint protection film is available per metre as well.

The application is relatively uncomplicated. The door cup protection kit protects your door cups from fingernail or jewellery scratches, is a breeze to install and suits the majority car models with pull-out handles. Unlike door cups, bumpers are not universal and are cut to suit your specific car model.

The installation section of our website houses how-to videos, which provide comprehensive instructions on how to correctly apply these PPF products successfully.

Why Purchase Auto Paint Protection Products

Regardless of how careful you are with your vehicle, inevitably the paint takes a bashing. PPF (Paint Protection Film) protects the paint from stone chips, minor scratches as well as insect and plant staining. PPF is a comprehensive form of defence designed to protect your car’s paint from all types of road debris. It is possible to wash and wax protection film without causing damage to the product.

With the purchases of a new vehicle, dealers often charge exuberant amounts for paint protection, with our kits, it is possible to purchase the auto paint protection products aftermarket at a much lower cost. Shop online, and discover the various forms, auto paint protection is available in, such as kits, rolls or strips. In addition to the film, we also sell film squeegees and spray on protection kits. Our multiple payment options and nationwide shipping ensure you’re able to shop from the comfort of your home.

When the protective film becomes weathered, simply remove and replace it without causing damage to the paintwork. Though this process is a little time consuming, the protection it affords your vehicle is worth the while. Protecting the paintwork will increase the value of your car at the point of resale.

Your chosen mode of transport is an investment, look after the paintwork, contact us and order your auto paint protection kit today.

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