Protect Your Car with Door Cup Protector and Rear Bumper Paint Protection Film

Keep your new car looking new for longer with bumper paint protection film that you can apply yourself. Our 3M® products are designed to protect from rocks kicked up by the car in front of you to bird droppings that eat away at the paint. Paintgard uses 3M® products that provide the ideal protection for your car to maintain that new car finish and improves future trade-in value. It also makes cleaning bug spatters easy without damaging the paint.

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Benefits of Rear Bumper and Door Cup Paint Protection Film

Applying paint protection film prevents everyday wear and tear from damaging the paint on your new car. Its self-healing properties hide scratches in its surface for a seamless look. Its advanced flexibility allows it to tightly hug the contours of your vehicle providing long-lasting protection from unforeseen hazards and normal wear and tear.

One of the areas of paint on your car that experiences a lot of damage is around the door handle. With door cup paint protection, fingernails, rings and keys are prevented from scratching the paint and making your car look older than it is. By applying door cup protection film, the paint behind your door handle remains as new as the day you bought your vehicle.

Easy to Install

This is a DIY project that takes little time and offers many benefits. Door cup protectors, edges, tailgates and sills come in universal sizes to fit most makes and models of vehicles and are easy to install. Bonnets and bumpers need to be cut to size for your specific vehicle and may require a little more effort for a perfect fit. However, easy to follow instructions are included in the DIY kits, and online videos, and our staff are available for any questions you may encounter during the installation process.

Cost Benefits

Keeping the paint finish on your car looking new can be achieved by parking it in the garage with a cover over it which defeats the purpose of buying a new car. Applying a protection film so you can drive in style makes the most sense and costs pennies compared to expensive paint jobs. The protective film keeps your vehicle’s bodywork pristine, increasing the trade-in value when you’re ready for a newer car.

About Paintgard

We have been in the auto protection industry for over ten years supplying products that protect your car’s exterior extending the life of the paint. We understand that your vehicle is more than a transportation device and strive to provide ways for you to protect the finish and maintain value. We are one of 3M’s largest retailers of paint protection film, and we have kits for most cars and motorcycles available in Australia. We also sell the film by the metre for custom protection jobs.

When it comes to protecting the exterior finish on your car, trust us to supply materials that stand up to the beatings caused by road debris and mother nature. For more information on our products, contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to help you protect your investment.

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