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Why You Should Invest in Auto Paint Protection with Door Cup Protector and DIY Paint Protection Kits in Sydney

Paintgard Protection Film has been supplying auto protection products to the auto industry for over ten years. We focus on 3M auto protection products, which you can install yourself. Auto paint protection products are designed to help keep your new car looking new for longer. By protecting its finish, you help boost the trade-in value when it is time for a new vehicle.

Why Install a Door Cup Protector?

The door handle is one of the most frequently used parts of your car and is very susceptible to damage. Door cup protectors are a clear vinyl film designed to protect the area behind the handle from damage by fingernails, rings, and keys (or anything else you have in your hand). The protection film is easy and quick to install yourself, no need to wait for someone else to do it for you.

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Protect the Rest of Your Car

You can protect more than the door cup with 3M’s Paint Protection Film (PPF). The clear wrap will shield your car from damage due to bugs, stone chips, scratches, and general wear and tear. This protection will help keep your whole vehicle looking new, not just the door cups. Use one of the ready to install kits to cover the car door edges protecting them from chipped paint when bumping into other cars, walls or other objects. You will also want to safeguard the car sills from damage by shoes, your dog’s toenails, or kids climbing in and out. Do not forget the rear bumper. Loading things in and out of the car take a toll on the rear bumper finish.

If you want to protect the bonnet and front bumper from bugs and stone chips, we custom cut the kit based on the make and model of your car. What happens if something damages the protective film? The film is self-healing and will repair itself.

Do It Yourself With a DIY Paint Protection Kit in Sydney

No need to wait for an appointment to protect your car’s finish. With our experience installing these products on hundreds of cars, we have been able to create DIY paint protection kits customised to your vehicle and easy to install. Using a DIY kit means you can protect your car as soon as you receive your kit, which we can tailor for most cars and motorcycles. If you have other vehicles you want to protect, we also sell film by the metre.

You have invested a lot of money in your car and using a 3M auto paint protection product from Paintgard Protection Film in Sydney will help your vehicle look new for longer. When it is time to trade in your car, you will have kept your paint looking fresh helping boost your car’s trade-in value.

Are you interested in protecting your investment? Contact us to have your questions answered and for more information about a custom kit for your car or motorcycle.


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