Get Your High-Quality Rear Car Bumper Protector and Bonnet Protection Film from Us

A car is a precious investment; you will want to do your best to ensure that it looks as good as it runs. At Paintgard Protection Film, we provide quality car bumper protection film so that you can protect your car for longer. Without our paint protection on your car, you might notice that the shiny appearance and resale value will start to lessen over time.

Many things in your everyday life can affect the paint of your car; prolonged exposure can even cause severe damage to your vehicle. Harsh sunlight, bird droppings that are left to dry, harsh cleaners or bristles, gasoline and even tree gum can be quite damaging to your car’s surface and appearance. Our bumper protection film can assist with the maintenance of your vehicle; all you need is some of Paintgard's 3M® Protection Film with self-healing technology to aid in keeping your car newer for longer.

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Benefits of Car Bumper Protection Film

There are many advantages to having our rear bumper protector film on your car; we aim to inform all our customers of what our product can do for them. This helps with finding the right protector film for you and your car. Here are some benefits to owning some of our products.

  • Your car looking new and shiny for longer: Our bonnet protector film provides a strong protective layer over your car’s paint, which assists you with keeping your vehicle looking newer for longer and helps with maintaining shine. By getting your paint protection film, you prevent your vehicle’s paint from fading.
  • Assists with car resale value: A well looked after and maintained car goes for a lot, and when buying a second-hand car, you can see the love and effort that went into preserving it. Our bumper protection film can help you with keeping your car looking as good as the day you bought it. If you are planning on eventually selling it in the future, then our paint protection is essential to preserve your car’s resale value.
  • Easier to Clean: Our car bumper protection film can make cleaning your car into less of a hassle. The protective layer helps repel dust which reduces the overall build up on the outside of the vehicle and makes cleaning easier than ever.
  • Prevent unwanted scratches: Your car's paint is a fragile thing; many accidents can happen to it while you are not there. Be prepared by having a protective film around your vehicle. This protection reduces the damage of scratches done to the beautiful colour.

Other Services We Provide Alongside Bumper Protection Film

We strive to be as helpful as possible with all our customers; this is why we provide our services and products. We understand that not all our customers have the time to come in and get their protective film applied immediately. Here are some services and products we provide so that you can always get the protective film you want for your car.

  • PPF DIY Kits: If you enjoy doing things yourself, then we have the DIY kit you seek. We have a wide selection of wear and tear kits. Choose which protective layer is for you and simply apply.
  • Door Cup Protection Kits: These kits are designed to guard your door cups against nail, ring and bracelet scratches. This protective film works with most cars that have a pull-out door handle.

Contact us now to find out more about what we have in stock and how it can benefit your car.

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