Protect Car Door Cups with Clear Paint Protection Film DIY Kits

What part of your car is most likely to end up getting scratched? For many drivers, the answer is the door cup.

Think about it: when you go to grab the handle of your car door to pull the door open, you often have keys or other objects in your hand. These items can end up scratching the paint in your door cup, as can any jewelry on your hands, or even your fingernails.

At Paintgard Protection Film, we make it easy to prevent scratching to this part of your car by selling easy-to-apply clear paint protection door cup kits.

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Why Choose Door Cup Protection Kits from Paintgard Protection Film?

Go take a look at the door cups on your car. Are they scratched? Particularly the driver’s side door? These scratches are often small and unobtrusive, but once you see them, they tend to become all that you can notice. They impair the smooth luster of the rest of your vehicle and make the car look older and more run down than it really is.

The good news is that installing clear protective film for cars on your door cups isn’t difficult in the slightest. On the contrary, at Paintgard Protection Film, our user-friendly door cup protector kits make the installation process extremely simple.

These 3M paint protection DIY kits are intended for do-it-yourself use. You don’t need to go to an auto shop to have someone apply this door cup clear paint protection for you.

Each paint protection kit comes with easy-to-follow written instructions. If you are more of a visual learner, don’t worry, we also provide a link to a video tutorial that shows exactly how to apply your protectors.

Each clear paint protection film kit is only $17.99 and includes door cup protectors for each door of your vehicle. To make matters even easier, you don’t have to worry about picking out 3M clear protective film door cup protectors for your specific model of car. These protection kits were designed to be universal for all makes and models of cars.

Indeed, door cups are identical from one car to the next, making it a breeze to protect these surprisingly vulnerable spots on your vehicle.

Protect the Cups on Your Next Car with Paintgard

Perhaps you just sold your old car and the buyer commented on the number of scratches on your door cups. Maybe the scratches and abrasions on your door cups even affected the resale value of your car. Or possibly you just paid to have the paint restored in these areas and want to make sure you are protecting them going forward.

In any case, if you are looking for a reliable means of providing your vehicle with clear door cup protection, Paintgard Protection Film is your best bet. Our protective films, made by 3M, are extremely durable and include self-healing properties, which means you won’t ever notice another scratch on your door cup again. To learn more about our door cup protector kits, or to purchase a clear paint protection film kit for door cups, contact us today.

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