Using a Car Scratch Protector: How Protection Film Keeps Your Car's Front Paint from Deteriorating

Few things are as frustrating for the car owner than exiting a business, crossing the car park, and discovering a fresh scratch in the paint thanks to an inconsiderate motorist. You might feel the same frustration following the "ping" of a rock kicked up on the road at high speed bouncing off your vehicle, or when insect remains damage and pit the paint. Not only do these events have an impact on the visual appeal of your car, but they can ultimately affect the value you receive the next time you go to make a trade-in for a newer car. How can you safeguard this investment without simply avoiding the need to drive?

At Paintgard Protection Film, we've taken it upon ourselves to provide drivers with an easy answer to that tough question. With our 3M-produced film, car protection is as easy as an afternoon of DIY work applying this innovative product to your paint. It's not just the main body of the vehicle you can protect, either; any place where scratching, scuffing, and general wear is likely to accumulate, you can cover. Let's take a closer look at how our car scratch protector film works, what it can add to your vehicle, and what you need to do to acquire some today.

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The Advantages of Paintgard's Car Protection Film

At the root of this product is high-tech engineering and next-level technology from 3M®, whose products we use to create a robust car protection film. This film is generally easy to apply to everything from the front of your vehicle to the seams between doors and even the space beneath your door handles. It is hardly noticeable, especially in direct sunlight, ensuring there’s no disruption to the visual consistency of your vehicle — and, of course, it protects your paint.

Your car front protection film may seem thin when you apply it, but it is more than thick enough to stop scratches and scrapes from reaching the automotive paint sealed beneath its protective layer. Consider this example: a ute on the road in front of you kicks up some small pieces of gravel, which pummel the front of your car. Instead of leaving dozens of tiny scratches, the film absorbs the impacts instead. Because it is self-healing, these nicks will vanish over time. The result is a car that looks like such an incident never occurred. After application, you’ll wish you’d used it all along!

Make the Most of Your Investment and Protect Your Car with Paintgard

At Paintgard, we make it easy to safeguard your car and protect it with a film cut to order. Simply inform us of the type of vehicle you drive, and we will prepare a kit for dispatch to your home. If you only wish to apply the film to some high-risk regions of your car, you will find we have plenty of one-size-fits-all kits ready for order immediately. Don’t you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is fully protected? Contact us now for further details.

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