Conserve your Car Door Cups with Protector Strips made in Australia

Have you ever reached for your car door handle only to notice that there is a massive scratch along the door cup, which is another name for the small cubby underneath the handle? When we are in a rush and have keys in our hands, it's easy to accidentally scratch the paint as you quickly reach for the door handle.

That is where the finest car door protector strips in Australia come to in to help. This professional grade film protects your car from fingernails, metal keys, and even debris from the road as you drive. The car’s door cup is a hard-to-reach area for most, which can lead to unwanted stains and scratches that are left untouched for years.

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Why not add a piece of protective covering to prevent any further damage for this area of your car? One visit to Paintgard and we can have those door cups protected, so you never have to think about them again.

Universal Fit for the Finest Car Door Protectors Australia

This kit is specifically designed to fit any vehicle with a pull handle design. The clear composition will attach to your car to keep it protected and clean. As the leading door cup protector in Australia, we are confident that you will never have to look at scratches along your door handle again.

Made to be visually pleasing, our clear car door protector from Australia allows your beautiful paint job to shine through while offering the same protection you would expect from professional drivers.

Installation So Easy You Will Riding Away in No Time

At Paintgard, we know how busy you are, so we have included do-it-yourself instructions with access to how-to videos to help guide you through installing the finest in Australian car door protectors. With customisation at the heart of all we do, no matter what shape or size of your vehicle, we can help you protect it.

Modern vehicles can sometimes be shaped differently, and that can make it more challenging to find protective coverings to suit your needs. Not with our versatile selection of door cup protectors. Let us help you easily match your protective strips to match virtually any vehicle.

We Only Offer the Highest-Quality Self-Healing Door Cup Protectors in Australia

Our door cup protectors are made with 3M Scotchguard with clear Urethane Guard so you can rest assured knowing that our products are backed with the quality assurance from the best in the market.

3M promises to deliver exceptional scratch protection and stain resistance while leaving your paint crystal clear. Your door cups will not only be protected for years to come, but it is also maintenance free eliminating any future concerns.

Door cups are just a piece of the protection puzzle and what we have to offer at Paintgard. We also have an entire line of products that will protect your car from outside elements.

Contact us for any information on how to keep your car looking like new.

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