Apply a Clear Car Door Sill Edge Protector Film for Added Paint Protection

A car door protector safeguards the paint to maintain your car’s value. Paintgard offers 3M® products that allow you to apply protection to one of your car’s most abused areas. Protecting your door sill with protector film eliminates the need to repaint the area and keeps it looking brand new.

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Benefits of a Door Edge Protector

Getting in and out of your car with fancy shoes can damage the door sill’s paint making that part of your car look old and worn. Applying door edge protection film provides a barrier that protects the paint and makes cleaning a breeze. Car door edge protectors are clear and resist yellowing over time, so all you see is the original colour of the paint.

Protection for the Whole Car

Don’t stop at the door sill. Apply a car door protector to prevent dings from other vehicles while in a car park. Better yet, protect the whole car with protection film that safeguards your paint finish from road debris, collisions with insects and the dreaded environmental hazards that eat away at the paint. Apply protection film to the door cup area and eliminate scratches from keys, jewellery, and other accidental scratches, keeping that area looking as new as the day you bought your car.

Maintain Value

Applying a protection film to the areas of your car that are most susceptible to damage from road debris helps you maintain the value of your car for resale purposes. Keeping your paint finish looking new could increase the trade-in value when you’re ready to purchase a more modern car later. The protection film is self-healing so that the scratches disappear while protection remains constant.

Easy Installation

Protection film comes ready to install on most makes and models of cars and motorcycles. The high quality film is cut to your car’s specifications and includes detailed instructions for installation. For custom jobs, you can order film by the metre and protect every inch of your car’s exterior.

Cost Benefits

Adding a protective film to protect your paint finish costs very little compared to expensive paint jobs and doesn’t take much time. This is a project you can do yourself and take pride in afterwards. Don’t keep your car hiding in the garage or park far away from other vehicles when a little time and money can save your paint from unforeseen hazards.

About Paintgard

We understand how important your new car’s paint finish is to you and we have spent over ten years providing high quality 3M® protection film for any car, truck or motorcycle. Extending the life of your paint maintains your car’s good looks and prevents damage that will cost you a fortune to repair. Ours is a family business, and we are always available to answer questions. Our care is apparent in the installation videos we offer to help you protect your car’s exterior finish.

Don’t keep your car covered up and locked in the garage. Take it out on the road with protection that lasts and keeps it looking brand new. Feel free to contact us with any questions or special orders so you can protect your paint finish while enjoying your new car.


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