Paintgard Protection Film Provides Door Cup and Car Paint Protection Film in Adelaide

Paintgard Protection Film’s excellent auto paint protection products are designed to prevent damage to the finish on your new car. Car paint protection film in Adelaide helps keep your vehicle looking new, which can boost the trade-in value when it is time for a new vehicle. Paint protection film (PPF) is virtually invisible and will protect your car’s finish from daily wear and tear.

We Offer 3M Products

As a leader in adhesive products, 3M has created a line of paint protection film products made of clear polyurethane film. This vinyl film is durable, virtually invisible, and easy to install. We carry several 3M auto protection products in DIY kits to protect your whole car. If the protective film does become damaged by things such as stone chips or general wear and tear, it is self-healing. Most damage to the protective film will disappear on its own.

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Our Experience in Developing DIY Kits To Suit Your Car

Paintgard Protection Film is a family business that has spent over ten years supplying auto protection products to the auto industry. We have applied protective film to over 300 cars and are now focused on creating DIY kits to suit your car. We based our DIY kits on our own experience and have made the process quick and easy. Our ready to use kits are available for your car’s door cup, door edges, sills, and rear bumper. If you want to protect your car’s bonnet or front bumper, we offer custom cut kits for most makes and models. Installation is easy, and we have installation videos available for you to reference.

Why Use a Door Cup Protector in Adelaide?

As you drive around, your car encounters many sharp objects. Even while parked, something could damage the finish. PPF protects your vehicle from stone chips, scratches, bug damage, and general wear and tear.

Loading and unloading your car can scratch the finish on the sills and rear bumpers. Consider the damage from football cleats, your dog’s toenails, or kids’ toys. Door edges bump into other vehicles, walls, or objects that can chip the paint. Chipped paint leaves the door edge susceptible to rust. Even the door cups, the space behind the door handles, can be scratched. Fingernails, rings and keys can all leave a mark in your car’s finish. The door handle is one of the most frequently used parts of your car, and we have door cup protector kits in Adelaide specifically designed to protect this highly-used area.

Paintgard Protection Film is pleased to offer car paint protection film in Adelaide using 3M products. Protecting your car’s finish, not only keeps it looking new but can help boost trade-in value when the time comes for a new car.

Install protection film on your car to protect the finish and keep it looking new. Contact us for information on a custom protector kit for your vehicle.


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