Understanding Car Paint Protection Film & How Paintwork Affects your Automobile

Protecting your car from the elements is no longer an issue with our top of the line selection of car paint protection film.

At Paintgard, it is our goal to provide excellent customer service that allows you to feel confident in keeping the integrity of your car paint intact. We proudly carry 3M brand protection film as we only partner with the best manufacturers in the market.

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What Car Paint Protection Film Looks Like for You

You’re ready to purchase a new automobile, and the thought of it getting scratched or losing its shine is causing you concern. We understand.

Our paintwork protection film allows you to maintain that fresh look by protecting against bugs, stormy weather, and scratches. You will walk towards your car with a smile on your face because of how new and clean it will remain long after that new car smell wears off.

Adding car paint protection film to your vehicle also optimises your automobiles’ trade-in value which means more money in your pocket when you are ready to sell your car. Buying and selling a car can come with unwanted stress, keeping your vehicle in tip-top share will eliminate some of that upset.

Car Paintwork Protection Film for the Entire Automobile

Take a look at our shopwhere we are constantly adding protective pieces that will keep your car shiny and looking like new. We have products that keep busy families in mind with products that protect against door slamming, fingernail indentations, and even door sill protection.

VentureShield protection is a virtually clear film that eliminates scratches, stone chips, and paint damage. The film is customisable to allow full hood or entire vehicle coverage. This car paint protection film is perfect for door pull cavities, bumper covers, door edges, side mirrors, hoods, trunk ledges and rocker panels. The Ventureshield protection allows you to customise your protection on any shape of vehicle entirely.

It doesn’t matter if you drive a minivan or tiny mini-cooper, there is no shortage of car paint protection film available to keep your vehicle looking top notch.

Family Based Business at your Service

We have had the honour to service hundreds of vehicles at our shop to keep them looking their best by installing and maintaining car paint protection film to a wide range of automobiles. For the past ten years, we have made car paintwork protection film our primary business and have a strong passion for keeping cars looking as new as the day you bought it.

We also have added new inventory to allow you to take part in keeping your car safe and protected from outside elements. With DIY products available to purchase, we will walk you through how to add car paint protection film easily and efficiently to your vehicle maintenance.

Contact Us for any queries on optimising your car’s paint job. We look forward to serving you and your family and can’t wait to show you how we can make and keep your vehicle looking brand spanking new.


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