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BIKEGARD Universal Downtube & Crossbar Kit

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This Universal Downtube & Crossbar bike kit comes in a choice of 2 widths. 70mm or 100mm and is 580mm long> you will get 1 crossbar & 1 downtube in your selected width & a squeegee.

This bike protection film will protect your bicycle from rocks or debris that will damage your paintwork. 

These bicycle paint protection kits are all computer cut so you get that professional look.

Slip Solution  is suggested to use to apply this kit. (Available in Tools & Accessories) 


3M Scotchgard Pro Series Paint Protection Film  

3M Protection Film, protect your paint from chips & scratches. Virtually invisible film.

3M Scotchgard Pro Series paint protection film is transparent and nearly invisible film, it will not alter the appearance of your bicycle.

    • Unrivaled scratch and stain resistance
    • Exceptional clarity, nearly invisible
    • Non yellowing
    • Self healing film technology makes most scratches disappear when heat is applied
    • Tough, durable and maintenance free film

    3M Scotchgard Pro Series Specifications

  • Adhesive Material = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Backing Material = Polyethylene
  • Base Film = Urethane
  • Colour = Transparent, Clear
  • Liner Colour = Clear
  • Thickness (mm) = 0.2 mm


3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film

 Please note 3M Pro Series Bicycle Protection Film does not have the 3M logo on the backing sheet like it used to, this a genuine 3M product which we purchase directly from 3M.

Genuine 3M Film shipped from Australia from a 3M distributor.


Customer Reviews

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Richard Speight
Basic ' kit" but a good product

The 3M product is great, I’ve used it for years on my car. My order came very quickly indeed.
The Paintgard kit consists of a number of rectangular pieces roughly the right size for a bicycle frame. They are not in anyway cut to shape for a tube but you can use ordinary scissors to cut it yourself. There are no instructions in the pack and it refers you to the website but there are no bike specific instructions on the website. There are numerous videos of applying Paintgard to different parts of a car. You can get the idea from the videos shown but there’s nothing for bikes, specifically. There’s nothing on the pack or in the kit to say that you also need isopropyl alcohol, a spray bottle and a cloth.
The kit does not include any kind of applicator or squeegee that is needed to apply the film. I bought a tailgate car kit from Autobarn(also PaintGard). It came with some simple instructions, also with reference to the website, AND an applicator. I used that applicator on my bike but it wasn’t ideal, being a bit stiff for use on tubing.
I had to cut the pieces of film to size and shape to go on my bike frame and, having done so, got a reasonable finished job, but with some amateurish touches because the kit was very basic and I had no experience. I could do the next one with a better result!
Overall I got a good result. My bike has a satin finish and the 3M film is very glossy, so it does stand out. On my car you can hardly see it because the gloss levels are the same.

Universal Downtube & Crossbar kit

Ordered the 70 mm kit, its just 70 mm tape that's been cut and not even square, was expecting "computer cut" with round edges and indent type cuts to conform to tubing shapes, also says it comes with a squeegee but it doesn't. It's genuine 3M tape and its easy enough to cut to shape yourself and looks great on the bike.



Chad Sugden
Fast shipping

Great product. Fast shipping

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