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Paintgard 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Roll 50mm Wide per meter

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3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film Roll 50mm wide per meter, 

Perfect for Tailgates, Door Sills motorbikes etc..


3M Protection Film, protect your paint from chips & scratches. Virtually invisible film.

 If you require more than 1 meter just purchase multiple qtys,

3M Scotchgard Pro Series paint protection film is transparent and nearly invisible film, it will not alter the appearance of your car. 

    • Unrivaled scratch and stain resistance
    • Exceptional clarity, nearly invisible
    • Non yellowing
    • Self healing film technology makes most scratches disappear when heat is applied
    • Tough, durable and maintenance free film

    3M Scotchgard Pro Series Specifications

    • Adhesive Material = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
    • Backing Material = Polyethylene
    • Base Film = Urethane
    • Colour = Transparent, Clear
    • Liner Colour = Clear
    • Thickness (mm) = 0.2

           It's applied with water with a squeegee.(Squeegee available in store)

           Fitting instructions available on request


3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film

 Please note 3M Pro Series Film does not have the 3M logo on the backing sheet like it used to, this a genuine 3M product which we purchase directly from 3M.


Genuine 3M Film shipped from Australia from a 3M distributor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Shane bodger

I bought it for a dog scratched rear garage door. I meeded 500mm not 50mm wide. My fault.

Khac Binh Nguyen


Mark Paneras
Good product

Will use it again in the future

Steve Muir
Good value

It went on well and stuck around the curves on my motorcycle. I was able to run all the air out from under is by using the water/slip solution.

Pete T
Nice product

Correcting an earlier review where I was concerned about the sticker that is used to bind rolls of the film, the stickers are in fact stuck to the backing side of the roll so there is no problem. The product really does look very good and the online instructions are excellent. Having applied plenty of lightly soaped water (important!), when I made a mistake in cutting to shape I was able to easily remove the piece, place it back on the backing sheet, re-trim and then re-apply. This was on a composite curve on a motorcycle tank. It stuck perfectly - no loss of glue, no annoying finger prints - with the aid of a hair dryer to mould into shape and a card to squeeze out the water. Perfect result and it was my first attempt.

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