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3M Adhesion Promoter (FREE DELIVERY)

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(Please note this product is for double sided tape only) This (1 Packet) of 3M™ Adhesion Promoter 06396 is a liquid primer used to improve the adhesion of 3M™ Automotive Attachment Tapes to most low surface energy plastic materials as well as an injection- moulded body side mouldings and claddings used for automotive exterior trims.

This would include common low surface energy plastics used for automotive interior and exterior trim applications including TPO, PPO, PP, PC, PC + ABS, etc. Since formulations and surface energies can vary for these types of materials, each application should be verified through testing.


Application Procedure 3M™ Adhesion Promoter 06396 is supplied in an easy-to-use sponge applicator packet. The liquid contents of the packet should be completely used as soon as possible after opening. Hold packet upright and avoid squeezing an opened packet to prevent spillage of liquid contents. The packet can be opened by tearing across the top of the packet at the notches. This will expose the sponge applicator.   Do not remove the sponge or squeeze a freshly opened packet. Handling the bottom section of the packet should enable application of 3M adhesion promoter 06396 with no mess. Apply a thin, uniform coating to the bonding surface, using the minimum amount that will fully coat the surface. A wet coating thickness of 0.002 inch or less ensures a good application. Although drying times may vary due to temperature and/or humidity, a drying time of 30-90 seconds results with a coating of this thickness. The primer should be dry before applying tape. For best results, apply tape immediately after primer application or no more than one hour after primer application. Be sure the primer surface remains free from contaminants prior to tape application.

Customer Reviews

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Wayne Thomas
Great Product & Service

Paintgard are excellent to deal with, very helpful and fast delivery.


All good

Alfred Podhorodecki
This Stuff Makes Tape Stick

This is a great product. Once you put it on and let the tape stick to it sticks like a mud to a blanket. A top product

Neil Watts
3M Adhesion Promoter

Project not finished yet but I can say, don’t open the sachet until your ready as it evaporates pretty quick!

yaqub kimura

3M Adhesion Promoter (FREE DELIVERY)

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