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3M Car Care Leather & Vinyl Cleaner / Restorer

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The Leather & Vinyl Cleaner/Restorer penetrates the surface of all vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather surfaces to dislodge, loosen and lift dirt from the pores. Simultaneously, conditioning nutrients and oils are deposited and left behind to keep the surfaces supple and hydrated. 3M Leather & Vinyl Cleaner/Restorer is formulated with natural Carnauba wax which leaves behind a protective layer—safeguarding all surfaces against UV damage, dirt and grime, and spills which could stain.

The Carnauba lends a nice glow to your leather and vinyl, giving them a healthy lustrous appearance. And they feel great after the treatment. No greasy, oily surface. Just a clean, soft, satiny protected finish. To use: Spray onto a clean applicator pad or detailing cloth and wipe onto the surface to be treated. (You may elect to spray directly onto the surface, but overspray onto windows and windshields can prove to be messy!)

Wipe product onto the surface and agitate with your towel or applicator pad. Be sure to use enough product to achieve a uniform appearance after wiping away. If the surfaces are too shiny for your taste, simply use a clean microfiber cloth and remove some of the shine.

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